Power supply for 6990 ?

my pc :

windows 7 pro 64
AMD 6990 HD 4gb
8gb of ram
i5 3570K
ssd 240 gb
dvd 4*4 LG

and i have ( 750 watt coolmaster ) power supply , is the enough ???
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  1. 750 is the minimum so you should be ok but I would want a bit more to be safe
  2. If its the Coolermaster eXtreme PSU then I wouldn't recommend it. They only use 75% of their labelled wattage.
  3. but i already buy it , but i can change it today , what do u think
  4. What I'm asking is it the eXtreme version. If it has anything saying eXtreme anywhere on it or on the label, I wouldn't suggest it.
  5. I'm outside now , but I think it's not , I didn't see extreme word
  6. It cool master 750W GX Bronze
  7. alssandro1001 said:
    It cool master 750W GX Bronze

    Well that's probably OK then.
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