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Seasonic x-series 850w (intake bottom?)


I'm getting a seasonix x-sries 850w, does intake of this PSU is at bottom and then exhaust it at the back?

and btw, it's ok with a GPU that has an 8 and 6 pins and ok with SLI? like I have 2 GPU's that has 8 and 6 pins. i have heared also that this PSU under 20% loading the fan won't spin, is this ok?
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    you'll be fine. normal for a psu is sucking in from the case and out of the back. the 0 fan speed at less that 20% will be good when not gaming, and is also fine.
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    it will be fine--i just installed a corsair ax860i

    same thing--intake through the bottom and exhaust out the back

    the fan doesnt even spin on it till i draw about 400w :)
  3. The reason the fans won't spin is so that you won't have too much noise. It's targeted for silence freak. It's a feature no need to worry.
  4. Thanks for your response guys, all info are helpful.
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