Rosewill Blackhawk front panel headphone jack seated too low?

Hi everyone,

I just recently put together my first build and it went well and I've been using this sweet computer for a while without any problems. I just tried to plug in headphones for the first time into my Rosewill Blackhawk case and had some problems.. first of all, I was only getting sound out of the left can (nothing wrong when I use my phone or ipod or whatever), secondly I was getting sound from my normal speakers as well. I unplugged the phones and plugged them back in and noticed this little pop up that says headphones plugged in, but almost immediately another pop up says headphones unplugged. This happens every time. If I plug them in and press down and hold it there, the message doesn't come up saying they were unplugged, but if I relieve any pressure and stop holding them there it they "unplug". I'm pretty sure the jack is screwed up (or...jacked up, I might say) and maybe seated too low into the front panel so the headphone plugs aren't quite reaching all the way, but if anyone thinks it's something otherwise I'm all ears.

I'm wondering what I can do, though, if the jack is screwed up? I really don't want to have to take the whole computer apart and send the case back or whatever...I dunno what I'd even do with all the parts in the meantime... Anyone have any ideas for me to fix myself perhaps?
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  1. I have the same case (Rosewill Blackhawk) with the same problem. The computer can't detect whether or not there's headphones connected to the front audio jack; I had to set it manually to always output sound through them. If I don't hold down the connector, sound only comes out the left headphone.

    oddly, the front microphone jack seems to be working fine

    [edit] i did some looking around and apparently this isn't an isolated issue with this case:
  2. Yeah it's a weird issue. Obviously the port recognizes the headphones enough to play some sound (just the left ear, of course) but doesn't recognize them enough to play it correctly... Last time I checked on mine, though, when I held the connector down it would only prevent the sound from coming from my external speakers but I'd STILL only get sound in the left can (not a headphone problem, already checked).
    Have you talked to Rosewill or anything? I sent them an email a while back and heard back with some troubleshooting steps and such (I don't expect them to help) and they want my order number and shipping address so they might send me a new one I suppose, which might suck if they all have the problem... I haven't gotten around to getting back to them yet though.
  3. I just purchased and built my computer(using the Rosewill Blackhawk) and I have the same exact problem. The headphone jack doesn't hold the headphone in place. This is really a huge annoyance. My motherboard is the Asrock Z77 Extreme4
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