Computer fried??? 200 degrees???

I have a newly built computer. Been running smoothly and no problems at all for around a month now with an fx 8350.
Today I used Prime95's stress test on my system with STOCK clock speeds and suddenly Core Temp's temp readings went from 45 to 190 then 200C and computer shutdown.
When I saw the numbers I thought the sensors got messed up and the computer shutdown but after that the motherboard receives no more power as long as the 8pin cpu connector is in.
REALLY hope my cpu is not damage and that it was just a motherboard failure :\
Does anyone have any idea or have seen something as odd as this in a new system?

P.S. Powersupply is completely fine. Hoped it was the problem but its not :( also swapping another CPU in didnt help so mobo is definitely broken but I just hope it wasnt caused by the CPU going crazy out of nowhere
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  1. One thing i always tell people do not stress test your cpu on a stock cooler sites claim it's o.k. but i find that very false and just plan bad ass advice.Anyway You might need to clear the CMOS for several reasons but usually you'll want to clear the CMOS to help troubleshoot or solve certain PC problems like hardware compatibility issues or oc that have gone badly lol.

    Here are 2 different ways to clear the CMOS. Any one method is as good as any other but you may find one of them easier or whatever problem you might be having may restrict you to clearing the CMOS in a particular way to clear the CMOS is to short the "CLEAR CMOS" jumper on your motherboard, assuming you have one (most motherboards do).

    Open your computer and look around your motherboard for a jumper labeled like this. These jumpers are usually located near the BIOS chip itself or near the CMOS battery.Yet another way to clear the CMOS is to reseat the CMOS battery. By removing and then reinstalling the CMOS battery, you remove the source of power that saves your computer's BIOS settings.

    If you can't access BIOS and also can't locate the clear CMOS jumper, clearing the CMOS this way should do the trick.
  2. You sure it wasn´t Fahrenheit ;) )
    If the CPU was really that hot, I would RMA it.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The CPU had a Corsair H60 on it instead of the stock cooler so it should be fairly cool running. Also I'm sure it wasn't fahrenheit haha
    I tried clearing the CMOS right away but was no help.
    I'm going to pick up another motherboard today. Hopefully it'll solve the problem
  4. Sounds like you did not apply the Corsair H60 correctly there is no way possible temps should of got that high 200C
  5. yes do u have ever remove a plastic sheet that cover the tim interface to cpu i think it got higher i m using the silver arrow over then noctua nh d14 and my cpu is old fx 8150 and my temp never ever go up then 45 max load probably u need a new mobo
    i would recommend asus or gigabyte over msi one asus may have better feature then both of it and benchmarks of asus is far better then other exceptional brand and it
    specially i m using an monster asus 970a and it best in its class for amd users i strongly recommend go for asus
  6. Sorry seems like I didn't explain clearly.
    I have been running the pc for close to a month now. The CPU has never reached 60c under any load and idles at 18c so the h60 appears to be working correctly.
    During the stress test, it finished 3 tests and temp never passed around 55.
    At the time it happened, the temp was at 49 then in a split second it went from 49 to over 190. It did not even go up in temperature but went directly from 49 to near 200 and shutdown.
    So I don't think its a cooling problem. Something went horribly wrong !
    I blame msi , amd, or Frys
    Anyway going to get another motherboard after work and see if the CPU is still functioning
  7. Also this happened under stock clock speeds and all stock voltages with a Corsair cx500
  8. got a new asus motherboard. powers up fine now but cpu is dead :\
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