Help: Is this computer worth the money?

I was originally planning to build a new computer for my wife next month. However, I have been checking craigslist fairly frequently and I recently came across a gaming desktop that looks pretty tempting.

My budget from brand-new would be about $1000, but if I could save some money with a used computer, I'm game.

She would be mainly using this for Sims 3, Guild Wars 2 and some video editing.

I would really appreciate some feedback on this computer, if it is worth it, etc.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Thats pretty good value, the CPU alone is worth ~$300. It will play the games you mentioned quite easily.

    All I could recommend is to replace the case with something better, something with cable management is evidently needed. And to bump the RAM to 16GB. That should make a fairly good build.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I've never bought a used computer before, so I am not too sure if I need to worry about getting a bum computer. The guy seems like he has plenty of knowledge and took care of his computer, though.

    I could easily upgrade the ram for about $50 and get another case for $50 too, so that would make an overall cost of $700.

    Would you recommend purchasing and doing those two upgrades for $700 or would it be better putting together a new computer for $1000?

    In reality, the $300 is not that much of a difference to me. It'd be nice to do a fresh build, but if that computer isn't going to have any trouble for the next couple of years, I would definitely take the savings.
  3. You would have trouble building a rig like that for $1000. For what you get at the price, its pretty unbeatable.

    Just a rough estimate of the components worth (New).
    CPU: $300
    Mobo: $200
    GPU: $50 at minimum, plus the aftermarket cooling on it.
    PSU: $90
    RAM: $50
    CPU Cooler: $80
    HDD: $140 (Caviars are very expensive)
    OS: $120
    Case: $30
    Soundcard: No idea, but at least $20, most likely more.
    Optical: $20

    Total: $1080, and that's probably undervaluing the system.

    Just make sure to keep his contact details so if a bit of hardware fails (he doesn't indicate its in bad condition in anyway), you can contact him and get a refund. Maybe even try to get an agreement with him that if it fails in a certain time period, you get a refund or he'l look at it or something. As a gesture of goodwill or (forgot the word, where you offer an item of great value for an item of significantly lesser value, as a way of assuring you will be back to pay for it properly) collateral depends on your perspective.

    As for whether you want to build your own VS buying this one is up to you. I am just here to help you make an informed decision.

    That build should be fine if the caliber of games your playing stays around that level. For the video editing, it should be fairly good.

    You could buy the build and cannibalize all the parts you want from it, then sell whats left.
  4. if he is giving you any warranty[real]

    If he is then just grab that

    otherwise while buying take a good techy friend of your so he can evaluate the present condition of the rig
  5. Looks like a good deal for a computer for your wife.
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