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About 2 weeks ago i built a new pc and it was all working fine for a while until a few days ago i got a blue screen while playing Aion. I thought nothing of it at the time but since then i have been getting more blue screens happen, while we browsing and playing games, it also happens at random times. Im not sure what it could be so any help would be great.

PC specs

i5 3570k ivy
gigabyte gtx 670 overclocked
G-skill ripjawz ddr3 16gb 1866mhz ram
corsair tx 750 PSU
MSI Z77a-G45 Motherboard

Those are the parts i upgraded^^
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  1. if it is an old hdd it could have bad sectors run a test another problem it could be is ram try all the ram modules individualy and see if it helps these are probably the most comon causes if it doesnt help post back
  2. ok i did a HDD scan and windows sais nothing is wrong with it, i did a memtest, however i didnt do it 1 stick by 1 stick, i did all 4 at the same time adn had over 4000 erros by 2% so im assuming its the ram then?

    im thinking, is it possible that i put the ram in wrong? i read that some motherboard are picky with how the ram is put in, before it started messing up i had to take the ram out to install a new cpu cooler, maybe i put them back in wrong?
  3. i think i solved it, tested each stick in slot 1 and the 4th stick had 45k errors by 2% in the first pass, the others went 1 pass without a single error so i guess it just the 1 stick, going to play games and stuff and see if it fixes the blue screen issue
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