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HDD keeps shuting down

My HDD keeps shuting down while i'm working with the computer and a few second later it getting back to work. After five years it's the first time happening.And sometimes i can't load the windows.Any solution?
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  1. I don't spose you've unplugged it recently? Unplug both cables and plug them back in to be sure. It's SATA or IDE? Disk may be dying (there's a good chance after five years' use) or could be a dodgy connection. You're hearing the disk spin down and back up again?
  2. Yes, i can hear. And the last time i removed it was last year.It's SATA.
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    Well early SATA drives did have some issues with dodgy power connections causing exactly this kind of thing. If it hasn't been touched in a year though, I dunno why it would start now... obviously get your important files backed up ASAP and maybe take a look at some good some deals on hard disks/SSDs incase it does die. Meantime, try unplugging and plugging back in. Only other things I can think that could be failing are mobo and PSU, but HDD is more likely.
  4. I did unplug and plug back in and it looks fine, For now i think but as you said i should consider a ssd. Thank you very much :-)
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  6. Pleasure :-) Samsung 830 is excellent if you can get one. Or an 840 Pro if it's not too much more expensive!
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