3770K doesn't even POST

i just got this cpu and can't get it to work.
Basically it doesn't even POST and the monitr says there is no signil from the coputer... but should't this cpu have an integrated graphic system?
What am i missing?
Thank you
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  1. Please list your computer specs, especially your motherboard. Just as a guess, you may not have a z77 board and if not you might need to update your bios to support your cpu.
  2. It is a Z77 motherboard.. from Asrock
  3. is the bios updated to use the processor?
  4. how do i know that?... i guess it is since it's a z77
    additinal infos: the keyboard nor the mouse light up
  5. Ok thanks guys this is solved.
    I had to connect the 12V conncetor which i didn't before because my power supply doesn't have the 8 pin connector but i used the 4 pin and it worked.
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