Is Intel Burn appropriate for gaming?

I'm OC my i7-2600k cpu to 4.2 GHZ with the help of the program Inel Burn. When i run the Burn test my cpu's temp is at a decent spot. However, i intend to run nothing but gaming on this rig and i was wondering if i really need this program? When i play games such as Planetside 2 or Battlefield 3 my cpu is around 20 F less than what the intel burn test puts on my cpu. Because of this, should i OC more?
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  1. burn test is used to stess your system and validate whether your overclock is stable. yes you should easily hit 4.5ghz with that cpu as long as you have a decent aftermarker cpu cooler on her.
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    The whole point of Intel Burn Test is to prove that your processor still works flawlessly when it's working outside it's normlly working specifications. If your processor has been overclocked wrongly it can lead to your processor creating errors which can corrupt your drivers and files, create artefacts in your screen, lag your games horribly and, worst of all, competely crash your computer leaving you without any gaming experience at all.
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