A8 5600k or Athlon II 750k


I have an oppertunity to get A8 5600k or Athlon II 750k for the same price.
A8 5600k is an APU but i will not use intergrated graphics since i have an 7850 gpu.
But the price is the same for this two so what is better option?
Im using my pc mostly for gaming.
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  1. Here is a side by side to help:
    Nomen A8 A2 750
    Cores Quad core Quad core
    Speed 3.6(3.9) 3.4(4.0)
    L2 4MB 4MB
    Die 32nm 32nm
    IG Radeon 7560D none

    The only difference is the on board graphics. Both are FM2 sockets. I'd probably go with the Athlon, since you don't need the on board graphics.
  2. Hello,

    I would go for the A8 5600k - 0.2ghz faster but i doubt you would see much of a difference. You can always disable the intergrated graphics so you can use your dedicated one.
  3. So if i disable intergrated graphics on A8 5600k this two are pretty much the same thing?And will they run with 7850 with no problems?
  4. they both will run 7850 without any problems. however i suggest you get the A8 for the simple reason if something were to happen with your 7850 you could still game using the powerful onboard graphics. considering both are priced the same get the A8 without a shadow of doubt
  5. I was thinking the same thing.If anything happends i would still have onboard graphics.Since i never owned a APU i dont know if there is some "drawbacks" in combined cpu+gpu vs standalone cpu.
  6. Yeah, I recommend the A8 as well. Both the A8 and the Athlon II have the Trinity core and is based on Piledriver. The A8's stock speed is 200MHz higher (more important to me), but the turbo speed is 100MHz (not much difference).

    The A8's graphics core (as mentioned above) can come in handy should your graphics card die.
  7. Ok thank you all for advice.Im going to go with A8.
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