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I have a ubee model u10c022 cable router (wireless) - I keep getting a cannot find dns settings error - bumping off internet and then back on - i wanted to try the opendns option but i cannot figure out how to change the dns settings in the ubee router interface

any thoughts???

thanks very much
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  1. http://www.ubeeinteractive.com/user-guides/OG_U10C022_EndUserGuide_Version_1.0_20090225.pdf

    If it is not in the manual i would be on the phone with Time Warner (as painful as i know that is) and get them to fix it.
    I have the Ubee DDW3611 myself and i actually really like it. Although that model is one of their newer wireless N versions. I got it when i upgraded to the new Roadrunner Broadband Extreme package which i must say has been great.
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