HAF 912 vs CM Storm Enforcer

I'm currently deciding which of the two to get. I have cs storm gear so I really want to get the CM Storm Enforcer but I also heard of some really good reviews of the HAF 912. So here I am, asking you guys which is better not in looks but features like space and how easy it is to customize. Please don't recommend other cases because these are the only two that I'm interested in and can by locally. I prefer not to ship because I live away from America or ,overseas if you will, and I don't want to get my case damaged on the way here. Thank you for reading!

-White Loco
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    The difference is the black interior in the Enforcer and fans that includes. The Enforcer has a 200 mm red LED fan in the front and a 120 mm fan in the back. And the HAF 912 has only 2 x 120 mm fans, one in the front and one in the back (But the front 120 can be swapped for a single 200 mm fan.

    In terms of internal layout, they're identical. But as I said the main difference is the look, black interior and the USB 3.0. It's your choice.
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