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CPU swap and not good change

Okay so I swapped out my old CPU which was an i5-2310 to the i5-3570k. I have noticed that while playing my games or even doing a file format conversion I use about 90% of the CPU. It was only hitting 50% on the old CPU. Any ideas as to why?

Cooler Master Centurion 5 II case
i5-3570k 3.4Ghz
stock heat sinc and fan
PowerColor Radeon HD 7770
StrikeX 600W PSU
Kingston HyperX Genesis (2x8gb)
1TB Hitachi 7200
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  1. PoePoe8924,
    This is just speculation, but I think your new CPU is applying itself more than your previous CPU has; can you tell if the actual performance is different between the two CPUs? If this new CPU is offering even marginally improved performance, that may be an indicator.
  2. Best answer
    Did you re-set the BIOS to default? Is windows detecting/using all the cores? Clean install of Windows? Overheating?
  3. Did you update the bios? Odds are your 'old motherboard' was designed for the Sandy's and needs a bios update to work with the Ivy's properly.

    Heck, did you even check to see if the Ivy was supported by your motherboard?
  4. I have seen a bit of improvement in the CPU but just a slight.

    I did do a BIOS reset. But I dont know how to see if Windows is detecting/using all the cores. How do I do that?

    lol I didnt check and see if the board supports Ivy. I'm an IT technician that still can learn so so much more thank you.
  5. What motherboard is it?
  6. Its a ASrock Z77 Pro3
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