Cpu fan causing start then Die??

Hi there,
Intel 3220 w/ Stock cooler
Asus p8h61-m Motherboard
WD Blue 1TB
Antec Neo 520w

Randomly when I power up, my computer will start to boot up and then shut down right away. Doesn't get into BIOS screen...literally shuts down in 2 seconds. I've noticed that the CPU fan looks like its trying to spin when this happens but the computer shuts down before it gets a chance to spin. But when it actually boots up the fan kicks on pretty quickly. Other than this I have no other issues once the computer is booted. Temps are good and fan spins/sounds normal.

Is the computer detecting a failed CPU fan and therefore shutting down? If so would I be getting any error messages?
How long does it give the CPU fan a chance to register RPM??
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  1. You can press on all four corners of your Intel heatsink to see if they are all fully seated into the board. You may also flash the bios using asus' "suite II" software while running windows. I did this the other day; have to be careful and download the latest bios file first; I saved mine to "documents". When I selected the section for bios flashes, I simply let the software browse for the file in documents and it took about one minute to finish. Be careful or you could end up with a dead motherboard.
  2. Ive checked my fan and it is secure....everything runs fine no matter what I do or how long its on. Only But once every 3 times I turn it on it takes a few tries to get it to boot fully. Is a bios flash the thing to start with??
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