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Hello, I have a AMD FX-6100 on a MSI 970 main board. I have not even touched my CPU voltages but my voltage, clock speed and multiplier is constantly fluctuates. My voltages range from .965 to 1.25 volts and multiplier from 7-14. I turned off the turbo boost feature and that stablized the clock speed and multiplier. But the voltages are still fluctuateing. I have no clue what the problem could be?
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  1. Hello Kommando.
    do not worry.it is not a problem its a feature. It is amd cool&quiet which works with windows based cpu speed controlling(throttling) to ensure that when your cpu is not under computational load, voltage supplied to it is kept at a minimum. this ensures that your system consumes as little power as possible runs cooler and the cpu life is enhanced.
    it is all working exactly how it is supposed to.
  2. Ok thanks!
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