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Hello Guys

I am an university student ,looking for a new laptop my usage are general web surfing, casual games(miniclip) of course work and few games such . Bits and Pieces type.

Now after researching i am stuck badly. i5 are new ,common dual core with hd4000 graphics whereas amd a8 is quad core 1.9ghz with radeon graphics card.

which of these would be better for me since i like to play games it seems amd but some are saying everyday usage would be slow with amd.Is there anything amd cant do which i5 can. My it friend says amd is slower in general but you wont notice the difference which is fine by me how slow or fast machine work is not really issue providing it can deliver results. if i5 can deliver something in 5 seconds amd takes 6 or 7 it not really a issue.

So which one i shall choose if i take amd can it do normal everday work easily and if i take i5 can it play few games.

P.S i like watching sports so sometimes i will 5 screens tab on one browser can amd handle that
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  1. Monty,

    I'm one to support the underdog, which is why it pains me to recommend Intel over AMD in this case. Intel's current generation of i5 mobile chips have better temperatures, clock speed management, power consumption and, surprisingly, better graphics than AMD's current line of APU units.

    I could give you a better (maybe even different) answer if you provide the links to the computers you were considering, but that's my rough answer.

  2. I agree ^ Intel i5's are far more better than getting a quad core AMD in laptops. The i5 can do better in everyday and a few games depending on what they are.

  3. HD4000 isn't as bad as people believe when it comes to notebooks. The AMD APU's in laptops are not as powerful as their desktop counterparts making Intels offering almost as powerful as the a10-4600m...but not quite. I'd recommend the fastest A10 you can afford if you cannot afford a laptop with a dedicated GPU.
  4. Thanks everybody i did chose i5.
  5. Intel is best where processors are concerned not graphics.4 graphics i choose Nvidia but not in laptop in PC.
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