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[help] first build.

Last response: in Systems
January 3, 2013 4:06:57 PM

I'm getting an i5.
it's 214.99
Microcenter offers a 3470k series for 169.99

Does K series matter at all? I heard that it's for overclocking and such.
-Note, I do not understand or know what overclocking does.
[ Does your computar automatically overclock when you startup or is there a program, brief explanation please]

I would be saving $45 easily. if i were to go for the 3470k since i live next to a microcenter

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January 3, 2013 4:38:52 PM

The k series are for overclocking, depending if you want to or not.

You have to overclock the CPU yourself via the bios when you're booting up the computer. You don't always have to, you can leave it at stock speeds.

You would need to get a different heatsink and CPU fan as the stock are no good.

Your CPU would be faster by overclocking but because of the heat of the CPU once overclocked it can shorten the life span of it. Hence why you would need to get a different heatsink and fan. Stock ones are no good.

I would go for the 3470k since it's cheaper and far better, You can always overclock it so the processor would be faster.

It depends what you're using it for really but ^^

Warning: Don't overclock unless you know what you're doing!
a b K Overclocking
January 3, 2013 4:52:52 PM

the 3570k is worth more than the 3570. Definitely go the microcenter route with that purchase even if you don't overclock! They are the same cpu except the k series has an unlocked multiplier which makes it more valuable and easier to sell down the road.