ATi 5700 -> HDTV awful distortion on TV

Hi guys and gals

Looking for some help here. I've got a AMD ATI HD5700 series video card. I've hooked it up to my LG 40"LED tv and it's giving horrible distortion on the screen. The picture quality it fine but in the blacks there's these white stripes (see the picture) Any way anyone knows how to solve this?

Things I've done:
Update drivers
Made sure it's in 1980x1080 aka 1080p
My tv is in 16:9 mode
Removed the borders aka Underscan.

I'm stumped and Googled a bit, but can't really find anything on this, but the suggestions

Picture taken on from the TV, as a screenshot doesn't work:
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  1. how do you have the tv hooked up to the computer? HDMI? if so try plugging the cable into a different input on the tv or if that doesnt work try a different cable
  2. I've seen to have solved it by selecting a 720p output for to my TV. Which is odd, since the TV supports 1080p (It's a LG Led from last year)
  3. yea that shouldnt be the only solution...did you try switching hdmi ports and the hdmi cable? maybe the cable is faulty and when you are trying to push more bandwidth at 1080p it cant do it so when you drop it down to 720p and it works fine
  4. I have hooked the same cable up to my Digital TV Tuner's HDMI port and put on a HD Channel, crystal clear picture, so it ain't the cable for sure.
  5. have you switched to a different hdmi port on the tv?
  6. Of course I have done this. It's only got 2 ports though and they work fine from the TV box with the cable from the PC attached. It's not the cable, nor the TV. I'm 100% sure about that.
  7. may be the cable doesnt have a high enough bitrate to support anything higher than 1080i
  8. This is a so called HDMI 1.4 Cable. It should support it easily.
  9. hmm...have you tried hooking up the pc via hdmi to another monitor/tv? maybe there is something wrong on the pc end of things
  10. I don't really worry about it anymore. I do not have another monitor for HDMI, so cannot test it. It's working fine at the 720p resolution, so I'll just watch movies like that if I have to

    Thanks for all the help though, it's appreciated.
  11. ALL SET!
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