Help me for my first budget gaming pc under 800

hi all, i need some advice on building a budget gaming pc, with a budget of 700, so is the spec I want, ask advice and input.

CPU: Intel i3 2120

Mobo: B75M Asrock LGA 1155

Memory: Ripjaws Series G.SKILL 8GB (2 x 4GB)

3.5inch hard disk: WDC 500GB blue

Graphic Card: Sapphire hd7750

Case: MS-I Commander Thermaltake Mid tower

PSU: Seasonic s12-II 520watt

Optical Drive: ASUS 24X DVD

Lcd: Dell IN2030m

Keyboard & Mouse: Logitech G100

Speaker system: Logitech Z313 2.1 w 25

Case Fan: Logitech Z313 2.1 w 25

thank you for attention and input
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  1. this would be better.

    if you dont need the OS, get a i5 3450 and a gigabyte h77m-d3h motherboard instead of the i3 2100 and the h61 board

    you dont need extra fans. the stock ones are good
  2. All your links are broken. Anyway, do you know if you have a Microcenter near where you live? They are really cheap, and an i5+mobo is $205. You could even get a Phenom II x4 and a free mobo for $90. Just as good as the i3, and cheaper. Anyway, get 4GB of RAM, and get a 560 SE. 560 SE has pretty decent performance for the price. $130 for the 560 SE.
  3. Good build, TBT. But the OP needs a monitor, KB&M, Speaker system, etc.
  4. $205?
  5. Best answer
    1: gskill ares 1600mhz cl9 2x4gb is a dollar cheaper and looks nicer

    2:id at least get something like a xfx 6870 to play games. the xfx 6870 is 144.99 after MIR

    3:id get a more quality case like the antec 302. the last time i saw the insides of the commander, it looked really cheaply made

    4; id get the pc power and cooling mk3 600w for 49.99 after MIR at microcenter (not instore). about as good quality but modular and cheaper

    5:id get something like a vs228h-p instead. they sell for 136.40 at amazon. they also have intergrated speakers

    6:you dont need a case fan. stock fans are enough
  6. How about the 560Ti? The PNY version is $170 after rebate.
  7. nah. i dont think he would spring too much forward from a 7750 in terms of price but the560ti is a pretty good deal (lifetime warranty too)
  8. I can not afford to buy a 6870 with a budget that I have, if forced, I should lose another spec, which is better NZXT Gamma, THERMALTAKE commander or Antec 300?
  9. get a antec 302. theres a large internal difference. if you cant, you can get a antec one and it would be about as good as a 302, just cheaper. usually sells for 40 bucks
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