Took apart then put back together (first time)

I took apart a sony vaio pcv a few months ago and i decided to put it together again today.

everything is plugged in and it will come on with no problem but nothing comes on the monitor and also you can't turn it off without unplugging it and anything attached to the motherboard is not coming on.

is it just busted or is something unplugged or loose?

will i be able to make it work again or is it no good now
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  1. main suspects are the video adapter and/or the signal cable which connects it to the monitor, so start by replacing those. It may even be that you didn't put the video adapter back firmly in it's slot, so re-check that.

    If you mishandled it you could have "blown" it with static in your body, in which case it will definitely need replacing.
  2. well i probably blew it because it got picked up and moved around a whole lot then left in a hot closet for a while (the mobo) and its not really a problem i bought it just so i could take it apart and put it together so i know what i'm doing when i finally get all the equipment for my new computer.

    what is a proper way to handle these things that way i don't ruin the one i am going to build in the future
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