Asus 5850, On startup monitor won't come out of sleep mode

I just moved today and when I arrived and setup my comp the monitor just goes into sleep mode and I get nothing on screen. The monitor power button just blinks like it is in sleep mode.

I am using an ASUS 5850 TopCU GPU with an ASUS P6T SE motherboard, 6gig of RAM and a corsair 750 80+ power source. Oh and an I7 920 D0 Stepping CPU. It was working fine less than 12 hours before.

I tried the monitor on another comp and it worked fine. When I unplug the monitor cable it says a cable connection problem. I tried resetting the CMOS on the motherboard and have rotated my RAM to different slots. Also removed the GPU and used the other slot to no avail.

I am thinking the GPU bit the dust but any help would be greatly appreciated.

If the GPU is faulty what would be the best AMD GPU to replace the card? Would it be worth going up to an 7950 or would that bottleneck my system?

Any help would be great.
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  1. Ok I fixed it. I have been up for 17 hours and put in a full day of work than drove 5hrs to a new province. My mind is foggy and I thought I already did this. I took out the power cord and hit the power button 5-6 times. It started fine after this.
  2. ACPI state




    The system is fully usable. Devices that are not in use can save power by entering a lower power state.





    The system appears to be off. Power consumption is reduced to one of several levels, depending on how the system is to be used. The lower the level of power consumption, the more time it takes the system to return to the working state.



    The system appears to be off. Power consumption is reduced to the lowest level. The system saves the contents of memory to a hibernation file, preserving the state of the operating system, applications, and open documents.

    Soft Off


    The system appears to be off. Some components remain powered so the computer can wake from input from the keyboard, LAN, or a USB device. The working context can be restored if it is stored on nonvolatile media.

    Mechanical Off


    The system is completely off and consumes no power. The system returns to the working state only after a full reboot.

    The SYSTEM_POWER_STATE enumeration defines values that are used to specify system power states.

    MIght be a good time post this info from MICRODO ALL:
    The Sleep State

    The system enters sleep based on a number of criteria, including user or application activity and preferences that the user sets in the Power Options application in Control Panel. By default, the system uses the lowest-powered sleep state supported by all enabled wake-up devices. For more information about how the system determines when to enter sleep, see System Sleep Criteria.
  3. OOPs the formatting did not work too well, did it? Sorry!!
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