I Love Dire Maul.

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So, I was hanging around IF last night after a speed UBRS run (I adore
suicidal mages. They're crazy insane and make my job very very hard, but
*man* those are some fast runs). And I saw on LFG channel someone needed a
priest for Dire Maul. I asked what side, they said West. Hey, I've got
quests there, it's worth a shot. So I took the invite. Group loads, and
we've got a Rogue wearing both Dal'Rend weapons, a Paladin in 1/2
Lawbringer and an Arcanite reaper, a Warlock, and a Warrior. And my little
priest to keep all their uber asses alive for the duration. Rolled up into
DM, and *laid waste*. In the space of only a couple hours, we took down
Kalendris, Ilyanna, Immol'thar, the Prince, a whole lot of elementals, and
every named Ogre in the north end.

It was a fun run. I've had fun runs before, though, that's not the special
part. The really nice part about Dire Maul is that I upgraded *five*
pieces of gear in one run.


Fully 8 pieces of my current gear either dropped in DM, or rewarded from
quests in DM. Priests, get your asses to DM and start collecting.


In my current setup, I'm getting 36 mana every 5 seconds (That's a fully
talented Blessing of Wisdom without the Blessing part). And a rather tasty
+240 to all healing spells.

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    "Brian" <brianmcadam@pobox.com> wrote in message

    Wow nice indeed! Yeah DM is great for loot runs. I need mail leggings and
    the two I have seen that are good for me are both from DM. Some of the
    armor that drops there are better than the set pieces individually. IMO DM
    is the instance where every class benefits from.

    Also there is a quest you can get in DM west I believe that gives the
    following rewards:
    Nothing great for priests but the mace is good for
    the head peice screams hunters and the boots seem ideal for druids.
    And if you had to vendor one of those do the mace it sells for 4 or 5g I
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    Brian wrote:

    > In my current setup, I'm getting 36 mana every 5 seconds (That's a fully
    > talented Blessing of Wisdom without the Blessing part). And a rather tasty
    > +240 to all healing spells.

    I can't help but compare our character profiles regularly. How can you
    keep up with all the enchants? Right now I have a +7sta on boots, and
    that's all. I even doubt the int on weapon is available on my server!

    (proud owner of 11 gold here)

    And yes, I'll definitely go to dire maul soon.
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    In article <vv9ef15covv97kimhtrtrp3ehtnapaku44@4ax.com>,
    Brian <brianmcadam@pobox.com> wrote:

    > ...
    > The +Int on weapon, btw, is a vendor-purchasable recipe. But the enchanter
    > needs to be Revered with the Thorium Brotherhood to get it. So it's "easy"
    > to get. Just very expensive/time-consuming. The really hard one is +55 to
    > healing. MC-only for the formula. That and Lifestealing.

    Thanks for posting this info, but ugh... is the Incendosaur scale quest
    the only way to get rep with the Thorium Brotherhood? On my server I
    haven't been able to do this quest even once in three attempts since
    there are invariably 3 or 4 lvl 60's competing for the 15 or so dinos
    popping in that cave... meaning 90% of the time there are no dinos
    popped, just players snarling at each other. I haven't had the patience
    to stick it out but I do want that int enchant.

    Eonar: Hemophage (60), Human warrior Purge (60), Undead mage
    Dagobert (34), Human mage Vaik (12), Night Elf rogue
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