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i dont know my bios password and i want to reset or revel it without any tool or opening cpu beacause i can not use software because of viruses................plzzz help me out
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  1. Need to reset the BIOS, pull the CMOS battery, will reset the password.
  2. Im afraid that's as far as anyone here can help you, if you still cant get into the BIO's i would recommend you contact your PC manufacturer.
  3. hang-the-9 said:
    Need to reset the BIOS, pull the CMOS battery, will reset the password.

    Hi :)

    That doesnt always work by the way.....I wont explain fully buts its to do with Bios chips....

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Hi

    With most desktop PC's there is a simple way of resetting CMOS and clearing password. Read the motherboard manual for instructions .
    (usually disconnect mains power cable and move jumper on motherboard to clear.)
    (There is a risk of static damage and changing critical cmos settings)

    With business class laptops by major manufacturers such as Toshiba, Dell, HP etc the password is stored in a eprom or similar chip

    special software only available to main dealers/authorised computer repair shops is required. (model specific)

    They should ask for proof of ownership before helping .

    If it is a laptop hard drive password, very few companies can clear it without erasing all data on the hard disk. (so expensive)


    Mike Barnes
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