(new build) motherboard picking! and parts check!

Hi, so i have been searching on tom's hardware for a new build i will be buying hopefully the day after tomorrow, and i have decided on all the parts apart from the motherboard, the build i am thinking of purchasing is :

CPU- i5-2400k 3.1GHz
Graphics card- sapphire radeon 6870 OR zotac 560ti, (which one is better?)
RAM- corsair XMS3 8GB ddr3
HDD- western digital 500gb 7200rmp
Optical drive - samsung 22x DVD
Power supply- Corsair 430W ATX12V (not sure if this is enough?)
Motherboard- ???? (between 60-100 pounds)

Would this be a good build for casual gaming? like league of legends, gw2, d3, sc2, sleeping dogs etc

many thanks
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  1. Also a cheap and cheerful Case for this to go in! any recommendations?
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