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What is the proper way to check your "idle" CPU usage? I use Task Manager in Win7 and go to the Performance tab.

My desktop idle usage is at 12%. I am running an i7-3770k @ 3.9GHz quadcore 16gb of RAM and windows on 120GB SSD.

Is 12% high or average ?

What is everyones desktop CPU usage and how did you get it to those numbers? Thank you.
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  1. it depends on what all you have running but i would say 12% with a browser open is decent.
  2. mines at 7%

    most of that is corsair link software and my cctv software they use 5% between them

    if the cctv softwares not detecting any movement
  3. This depends fully on what the computer is doing. Even what website makes a difference.

    For instance(i5 750), on this forum(this exact page with HWmon + winamp playing). 2-4% on the main Toms page 9-12%

    Also note that with add block, the load may be lighter as well.

    Unless you run into issues, I would not worry about it.

    Even video card clocks change on different websites since the web browser can use the video card for acceleration.

    Tom's I have no clue WHY it stays that high, but with that card, it did. Newer cards do not seem to get stuck or even have to clock up like that
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