Q6600 G0 and 95 watt motherboard

This is my first ever computer build.
i recently bought a biostar g41d3c which says that it can support 95 watt cpus to replace a motherboard which broke on another system. http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=518
i have a q6600 slacr (which is what it says on the front of the cpu) which should be 95 watts? and the original q6600 is at 105w.
but when i boot up my system it says that the maximum power cpu is over 95 watts and shutsdown after 10 seconds unless i press f10 which causes it to boot normally.
any ideas why this message is coming up/ should it be coming up
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  1. its not on the supported cpu list for that motherboard so if a bios update doesnt fix it, get used to pressing f10. Does it test corretly? are you getting full speed & performance out of it?
  2. yeah as it was my first time and i wasn't aware that i needed to check the specific cpu against the motherboard i just saw that it supports 95w and core 2 quad and bought it but still it shouldn't say that the watts are too high. it says that the it is running at 2.4 ghz in bios and in cpuid but im not sure if that's just identifying the processor or will i have to do a stress test? which i am not too keen on doing if its displaying that message about the watts
    i dont mind if i have to press f10 everytime aslong as its not harming my computer.
    yeah i have already done the bios update and that didnt fix it.
  3. the bios was probably before the g0 steppng that reduced it to 95w. hence trying to update the bios to the latest can't hurt. Maybe they did add the cpu in...
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