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hey everyone
well, i have two account on my PC. one built in administrator and one user... can you guys teach me how to give that user permission to install programs, because i just want to restrict that user to enter one specific folder... even if i make it administrator account but restrict to access that folder! but if i do that everyone will be able to retrieve ownership... i tried it to make power user... and everything but administrator... but i am not able to install software... what should i do? i am using windows 7 ultimate
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  1. There really isnt a way around that as the user profile was designed to not allow a non-administrative user to change the local machine. So you either install all the programs the user needs or give them the password and then change it later. Cheers.
  2. aww crap! :/ can someone suggest any trustfull software to lock this folder? :/
  3. Truecrypt
  4. just create a file container

    that way you click on the file container. then enter password and its mounted as a virtual drive

    its free and easy to use
  5. I have been using Truecrypt since 2008. I love it, its secure and its easy to use, and if the password is long enough your not getting in there this millenium.
  6. BUT if you ever forget the password it is gone, there is no back door, gone, forever. Really important that you understand that.
  7. Or you could use windows built-in encrypt. But yes, truecrypt is better.
  8. oww thanks everyone :)
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