[solved] I Have One Monitor, Windows Has Two Displays

Picture of problem: http://imgur.com/mvMuJ

I have an ASUS 1920x1080 monitor plugged in via dvi-i to my desktop's evga nvidia gtx 670. I was wondering why my mouse would trail off the screen to the right, and found out I apparently have a second display going. I don't know how to address that issue. I noticed that two monitors were shown in device manager, both generic PnP monitors. However, one was attached to intel graphics, one was attached to nvidia.

The one that is shown on my monitor is the one connected to intel graphics. The display that isn't shown (but still captured by print screen) is connected to nvidia graphics and is 1920x1200.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

Edit: Figured out that when I last moved my computer, I did NOT plug the monitor back into the graphics card. It was plugged into the motherboard.
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  1. Go into your Nvidia control panel, I think you may have the option to turn it off. Try and find the setting. I think it may called NVD Sim Display or something to that extent.
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