Hot CPU causing loss in frames?

So recently I upgraded my PC's CPU and GPU. Along with this came some problems. At first in game I would only get about 5fps in anygame I played. After having this problem I took a look inside my case. Seems the heatsink was somehow on wrong. Whoops! So I got back in games. Alright my FPS is decent. But doesnt seem to be CLOSE to what this card should run (Gtx 660ti) I got this card to record gameplay and im only getting 50-60frames on LOW graphics in BF3? And in chivalry medevil warefare getting around 60frames? And this also comes with some wierd frame drops that include FPS lag spikes dropping me down to 20fps. And while loading up game its ususally around 10fps. What is going on? So I downloaded RealTemp to findout my CPU is hott. Not damaging hot. But hot as hell like around 60-70c IDLE and can easily break 90-95c on load. Is this the problem slowing down my FPS? Another thing that I think maybe happening is that my system does not have enough power. Or maybe my GPU is faulty therefore not giving me enough FPS in games. Anyone have any advice on this topic? Btw sorry this is a mixed CPU and GPU topic didnt know where to post this and because CPU was in the title I posted it here.

System Specs:
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660ti
CPU: i7-2600k
Ram: 8G
Motherboard: Asrock H61m-HVS
Power Supply: 600w
(Sorry for the light detail ordered my computer online and doesnt tell you everything about your system)
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  1. might be a good idea, to use some better thermal grease, and maybe a better cooler, it seems your cooler is not making correct contact with the cpu, the hoty CPu will slow your fps down.
    your PSU should be fine for your setup
  2. Your CPU temps are too high. You should be about 40c idle
    Did you replace the thermal paste? Is the heatsink on correctly now? Is the CPU fan working?
  3. To answer both of your questions. The heatsink was a little difficult to put on. Seems to possibly be screwed up. But it was on and secured I made sure. It did bring temps of idle from 90c to 60c even though that is still hot as hell. It came with pre applied thermal paste. as for the fan I will have to open up the case again to take a look. I was thinking about buying a new heatsink one that actually cooled of my CPU. Problem is I have no experience with buying a heatsink. My case isnt the biggest one around and I dont want to buy any of these fancy ones where you have to take your motherboard out or do something complicated because right now im pretty fed up with my PC with the problems I have been having. Any suggestions for a small, good working, cheap, easy to install, Heatsink? And just to follow up a hot CPU will DECREASE you fps?
  4. I was taking a look at this heatsink. Not anything to crazy. One that is a little bit better than stock and easy to install. Should keep my temps low. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.
  5. The Cooler Master 212 is a better option as long as there is enough space in your case to install it. It uses a 120mm fan, stands upright and cost $20 after rebate.

    It is 158.5mm which translates to about 6.5" tall.
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