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Hello, I recently started dual-monitoring with my MSI GTX 560 TI Twin Frozr II 2GBDDR5 and it has been working great. One thing I did notice though is that while watching a full screened movie on the secondary monitor it appeared choppier than when it was full screened on the primary monitor. I am not sure if it's just the way I am looking at the monitors or if is actually choppier but I was just curious if this is something that happens when dual monitoring, if it is a problem, or if my eyes are just playing tricks on me? Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. Is it the twin monitor? same resolution, model and brands?

    if it's not it just the one monitor is better than the other.. (or it's need to be calibrated..)

    If it the same one, dunno...... hehe :D
    try changing/swiching the port/cables see if it's same thing happen or not?

    (if the same thing happened more like gpu probs, if it not maybe the cable/mon going bad)
  2. They are actually two brand new monitors. Same brand, resolution and everything. I think I just might be seeing things but I could try switching the cables around.
  3. Are there any other ways to test and see if it is in fact the GPU and if it's faulty or anything? A couple of things that I did do to test this out was switch the second monitor to be the primary display. When I did this they both still looked the same as they did before i Switched them. The second thing I did was run a game in windowed mode and check the fps while the game ran for both monitors and I noticed that when the game was running in either monitor it showed the same fps.
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