CPU running hot with a V8

I just built my new computer, it has an intel i7 3770k processor that is being cooled by a Cooler Master V8. I recently overclocked it to 4ghz. Now at full load running prime 95 im getting temps up to 69 degrees (68 average). During the installation I followed the directions exactly. It may be worth noting that this is with the fan speed set to max from the included knob. My case also has excellent ventilation.
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  1. Idle temp ?
  2. 25 degrees, give or take 1
  3. You can try resetting the Cooler Master V8 on the cpu. Also 68 average is really not that bad. How did you put the thermal paste on?? The line technique worked best for me!
  4. I was told to spread the paste over the CPU, then set the cooler on top.
  5. Look to see if any paste came out the sides, you may have to redo the thermal paste?
  6. Also how are your fans set up on it???
  7. I will try checking the paste, but the fan is in its factory installed position, between the 4 sets of radiator fins
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