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Hi i have a haf x case and i just want to change my stock cooler getting 79 celcius on prime 95 on my 3570K @ 4.2Ghz. I want to get a better cooler and i am convinced to get the 212 evo because i dont want to go any higher on my clocks... My question is will it fit using the back panel? i dont to take out the whole motherboard if i have to do that then i better not buy the cooler... Please i want a clear answer if i can fit the backplate using the opening on the back of the case
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  1. according to this

    no the cut out isnt big enough--2 of the screw holes are covered

  2. mcnumpty23 is likely correct, but your mileage may vary.

    There is no standard for the location of the socket on a motherboard. You'll need to open up the back of the case to see if your CPU is centered over the cutout.

    mcnumpty23's link is a good reference for what the 212 evo back plate looks like.
  3. Yeah i havent checked yet but i think i might be going for the TX3 EVO it has push pins hehe.... max 80 celcius on prim95 is safe for an overclocked 3570K right? so getting the tx3 evo i might see a 8-10 degrees improvement
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