Is this system worth an upgrade

I presently have a rampage 11 extreme, 975 extreme processor o/c 4.35, sector seven ram 3x4 12 gig o/c 1814, 1000 p.s s/c gtx680, ssd drives that I use for x-plane10. Wondering if it's worth upgrading motherboard to sabertooth x79 processor 3930 or 3970 and 2000 speed quad channel ram. Would there be any real improvement over what I already have for running X-plane10 or fsx.
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  1. Not really since that is a massive rig you got but it is your money.
  2. Hi :)

    The only real improvement would be a better graphics card... yours is good but could be better...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Like second one for SLI.
  4. Not worth the cash at all, with that thing you're good until mid cycle Ivy Bridge-E, unless you don't do anything with video & just game - then you're good for like 4-5 years IMO.
  5. When haswell launches with the new 1150 socket then you might consider upgrading. As it is right now you got a great build and the Money spent on an upgrade wouldn't get you far for your Money.
  6. thanks everyone
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