How much power do i need formy new Pc !!

mb: Asus p9x79 deluxe memory: corsair 4x8 ddr3 =32 V card : asus gtx direct cu ii top edition 2 gb cpu: i7 - 3820 3.6 ghz 10 mb cache lga 2011 And h100 cpu cooler case : nzxt crafted series atx full tower how much power do i need for it !! i was thinking about CRSAIR 850 Plus Bronze !!
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  1. was there a video card model in there somewhere? I saw asus gtx something something but you dont have a model number in there, the gpu would be the biggest power draw so that is the most important part. If you do buy the 850 watt psu that should support anything for the most part.
  2. im sorry its asus gtx 680 direct cu ii top edition 2 gb
  3. do you plan to SLI down the road?
  4. thank u guys for the help :) i just need to know what power supply will be good for my new pc
    and my video card is asus gtx 680 2GB top edition and im not going to add another video 1 is good for me
    and my CPU is i7 3820 and im goinig to get
    H 100 as a CPU cooler
    and motherbord is Asus p9x79 deluxe
  5. Emelth said:

    thank u so much for your help :)
    but do u think this power supply is better than the tx 850 bronze that i was thinking about ??
  6. OCZ, Corsair, Season, SilverStone, XFX i trust those brands for PSUs (list is not in any specific order)
  7. so 750w is good for me not 850w thats all what i need to know and thank u again :)
  8. A single GTX 680 uses 195 Watt, but you need at least 550 Watt for your system as you do not pretend to SLI. 750 Watt is only necessary if you 2x SLI.

    OCZ ZS Series 550W
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