What cable would I need for audio output to two monitors

Hello, I recently bought a cable from newegg ( thinking thinking it would allow me to split the sound to both of my monitors. However, it looks like its a spdif cable and while my monitors have a port for it, my computer doesn't appear to. Would anyone mind pointing me to a cheap cable that I could use for this? The ports I have on my computer are green, black, grey, orangish-red, and one for headphones.
Thanks in advance
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  2. Awesome, thanks.
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  4. te100 said:

    I'm trying to drive 2 monitors/w dual speakers each with a splitter setup like you show.
    How do I figure out the output of this splitter? and the audio out? Is that a function of the mother board and search the specks on that?
    And does it reduce the output by 1/2 or is a direct out 100% on both outputs?
    Thinks IA.
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