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I desperately need a new GPU for my Alienware M17x. I'm currently running an Nvidia 9400 with an Intel core 2 duo processor and I am not sure what other video cards are compatible with my computer. I'd really appreciate any suggestions, because I am going to slit my wrists if I have to keep playing on the 9400.
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  1. Or at least tell me how I can find compatible hardware
  2. you can't (usually) upgrade graphics on a laptop. a few have sockets but the choices are and the cooling/power are designed for the card it came with. if you can change it at all it wont be cheap. get your hands on the manual or ask dell
  3. Have you tried contacting Alienware to see if they can tell you what your computer can use? If I'm not mistaken that is a gaming laptop and, based on the CPU and graphics card, it is a fairly old one.
  4. I agree with above post contact Dell since Dell own's Alienware. Your Alienware is a little old I hope you can upgrade and like said above it isn't going to be cheap for a new GPU. Good luck to you.
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