Aluminum case and picoPSU grounding issue

I have a simple question about grounding. I'm building a computer using a picoPSU-150-XT power supply and an all aluminum case (a Streacom). The picoPSU connects to an outside power brick through a Switchcraft 712A plug (like a giant headphone jack).

Should I isolate the female part of the plug from the case?

The reason I ask is that if I just attach the female part of the Switchcraft plug with the hex nut, the case then becomes connected to the negative pole of the power brick. The motherboard is attached to the case by metal screws, so everything is interconnected. Is that the intended design?

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  1. I've answered my own question. Just in case someone Google's this:

    It is standard practice (at least in the audio world) to connect a metal case to the ground of the power supply. I just tried this on my system and nothing fried. The computer booted fine.

    Nothing needs to insulate the jack sleeve from the metal case.
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