560ti on 3d monitor and 460 on 2d monitor?

Hi. I had 2xGTX460 SLI running a 3d monitor and a 2d monitor. I recently burned out one of my gtx460 cards.

I have bought a 560ti and put it in the number one PCIE slot and I run my 3d monitor through that and I use the 2d monitor through the other GTX460.

The 560 could run both monitors but then the 460 would be unused and I guessed this set up would release the 560ti to use all its VRAM for 3d games.

The thing is, I am wondering if the GTX 460 is using half of the PCIE bandwidth and causing the GTX560ti to struggle. It does seem to have momentary lag and glitchy artifacts in some games. Many other games work perfectly in 3d though.

My main board has 2 PCIE slots. "link width x8. Max supported x16". Does this mean my GTX 560ti would have x16 bandwidth if it was the only card and the current set up means each card has only x8 bandwidth each?

I think I may have answered my own question now I think about it. Yes the 460 is using half the bandwidth and my 560 would run better if both monitors were plugged into it.

I'm still unsure if This setup would cause any noticeable problems. Anyone have any knowledge about this.

I'm not trying to run them in SLI.
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  1. Incase anyone wants to know about this set up..

    I have tried playing a game through the 560ti on the 3d monitor while watching you tube videos on the 460 through the 2d monitor and this causes performance problems. The mouse lags and the graphics skips from time to time.

    I unplugged the 2d monitor from the 460 and plugged it back into the 560ti and the mouse lag and skipping graphics have completely stopped.
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