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Two monitors. limitations? problems? w/ 560Ti

I would like to run two monitors using my MSI 560 Ti. It has: 2 DVI, 1 HDMI.
Can I run two monitors using both DVI? I want to be able to use the Extended Desktop
feature. This way I can edit photos or watch movie while doing other stuff.
Also, I want to play games on one and do other stuff on the other.

What are some common problems that I need to watch out for?
Can I play music through the same speakers even while gaming? Or do I need something separate?

Monitors : Dell U2311H (1920x1080) and Samsung 953B (1440x900)
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    yes you can run two monitors plugging each into the dvi connector no problem.

    yes you can play music through the same speakers while gaming

    to play games on one monitor while editing photos on the other would work but you would have to alt tab out of your game to get your mouse over to the other screen...similar to minimizing your game
  2. Yes, you are able to do dual monitors.
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