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OK - I'm at my wits end here so hopefully someone can help me...


PC1 - Windows XP Pro
PC2 - Windows 98SE

Both PC's are connected via a hub, with an ADSL Modem/Router also connected
to the hub. The router acts as DHCP server at and allocates IP
to 98SE machine, but XP machine has static IP of and gateway as as a programme on this PC needs to have port forwarding set up
on the modem so it needs a static IP address... 98SE has auto IP enabled
and is allocated by the router DHCP server from the range 192.168.1.x

Both PC's are part of the same workgroup - MSHOME

Both PC's work fine with the modem/router, and can access the internet fine.
Both have same user logon and passwords set, and XP also has Guest account

Now to the problem - neither PC can see the other in network
place/neighbourhood... XP machine does not log the network drive, yet if
you go into My Computer and click on the shared network drive from the other
PC it will come up OK, and I can even save a file to it....

Go to Network Neighbourhood on 98SE and it doesn't see the XP machine. Try
a search for the XP machine and it doesn't find it.... If I run a search on
XP machine it will find the 98 PC, but I have to actually search for it it
doesn't show up automatically in network places - and if you select
"Workgroup" it only shows the XP machine.....

YES, I have run Network Setup Wizard on both machines SEVERAL times.

I'd really like to get this working so I can see the other computers on the
network, as I'm about to connect another 98SE machine to the network (if I
can get the damn thing to work!!!)

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.networking.connectivity (More info?)

    On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Martin wrote:

    >However, from the 98SE if I open up Network Neighbourhood the XP machine
    >isn't shown.....
    >Also, if on XP I go to My Network Places and click on View Workgroup
    >Computers the 98SE machine isn't shown in the workgroup.....

    Your experience is interesting and is similar to an experience of mine
    today. I've just bought a Sony Vaio A115Z for my daughter. I set it up
    on my home network yesterday and it worked fine, BUT the Vaio was in a
    group called WORKGROUP whereas all the others are in HOMEGROUP. This
    morning I changed the Vaio from WORKGROUP to HOMEGROUP and am now
    experiencing problems similar to yours.

    Here is my setup:

    2 PCs running WIN98SE Computer names: Eleanor and David
    1 Compaq laptop running WIN ME Computer name: Compaq

    There is also an old DOS machine running Lantastic. Computer Name:
    To connect with this I'm running Lantastic on Eleanor as well as

    Compaq and Eleanors-laptop are connected by wireless to an access point,
    the rest are connected to a wired network

    The Vaio is called Eleanors-laptop, but I don't think that the
    similarity of names is a problem.

    Now then, if I click Network Neighbourhood (My Network places) on
    Eleanor without Eleanors-laptop running, then all the other computers
    show up. When I start Eleanors-laptop all disappear except Ichthus
    (which is running Lantastic) but Eleanors-laptop does appear.

    If I do the same on David and Compaq then all disappear and
    Eleanors-laptop appears.

    But on Eleanors-laptop all the others (except Ichthus, of course) show

    However after a few minutes, all the others do appear and all works
    normally. But there is an additional problem: the wireless connection
    between Eleanors-laptop and the access point keeps dropping out although
    the signal is excellent! Yesterday it didn't!

    I had put it down to a problem between WP and 98SE. I'll put
    Eleanors-laptop back into WORKGROUP and I fully expect the problem to
    disappear because yesterday with that configuration everything worked
    perfectly. HOMEGROUP and WORKGROUP showed up on David, Eleanor and
    Compaq and the computers appeared within those groups.

    I've got used to there being problems between different Microsoft
    versions. I have a problem with IPX not negotiating well between WIN98SE
    and DOS5/DOS6. It takes thirty seconds to negotiate and then all is


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