Upgrade CPU or GPU?

Hello, I am thinking of upgrading my PC, but i'm not sure what to upgrade first. On one hand i want better FPS in games (like Planetside 2, where i can drop to 30FPS or even 25 in high-activity areas). But on the other hand i want better rendering times in 3D animation and video editing programs. I was looking at these 2 options:
CPU: AMD FX-8320
GPU: Powercolor 7850 PCS+ 2GB
(These cost roughly the same)

Current Specs:
CPU: AMD Phenom II 945
Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-D3
RAM: 12GB Corsair Vengeance 12GB @1333MHz

Thanks for any responses/suggestions.
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    I assume you have a board with an AM3+ socket if you are considering the FX. But I would upgrade the card first for gaming. The 550ti is a rather weak mid range graphic card. The HD 7850 2GB is a great card for the money and will breathe new life into your Phenom II 945. Your frame rate will improve dramatically.

    Your video work would gain a bit more by going to the 8-core FX, but if it is an either/or choice, go for the card.
  2. Definitely go with the graphics card upgrade because it would help you with your FPS in games and when you are animating in 3D you will need the graphics as well.
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