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Which is better: 2GB of GDDR3 or 1GB of GDDR5?

I'm looking to upgrade my current gaming PC to give to my girl with an AMD A8-3870K APU and want to find the best GPU to use for the dual graphics capability of the Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H FM1 motherboard I'm planning on using.

The highest compatible Radeon GPU for dual graphics this processor lists is the HD6670 and I can find several versions with two main differences: some have 2GB of DDR3 memory and some have 1GB of DDR5. I plan on using 8GB of DDR3 2400(OC) system memory. I will overclock everything I can and expect good results.

My question is this: Which would provide better overall performance: 2GB of GDDR3 or 1GB of GDDR5?
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    1 gb ddr5. very few games will utilize 2gb of vram, and that is a 1920x1080 resolution or higher. the 6670 isnt built to be used at that resolution so it would be a moot point to buy. its probably more aimed at users who want to use multiple screens for htpc type build.
  2. 1 GB of GDDR5 is better. 2GB of DDR3 is slower overall. Faster RAM gives you better game performance, larger quantity does not always give boost your game performance. especially on lower end video cards. The 6670 is not powerful enough to use more than 1GB of RAM, that card will rarely use more than 512MB, so having 2GB of RAM will not benefit you at all with a 6670.
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