New cpu and systems shuts off at 67c

so just bought the fx 8350 to replace my 980 BE, now when my system hits 67-68c it shuts off.
i believe it is my h100 pump going out on me, i have to keep the pump running at max just to keep it below 50c this has never happened on my 980 BE so is it just the new fx cpu is way hotter than the old phenoms or what im lost here guys

fx 8350
corair 1k power supply
990fx saber tooth mother board
h100 cpu cooler
60g coraisr ssd
500g WD
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  1. i think the first thing i would suspect is the thermal paste. i would pull the new CPU, clean off all the paste with alcohol, and reapply the thermal paste (BB-sized dot in the center).
  2. the max temp is 65c for these and it will shut it down. it probably is a bad pump. the shitty pumps i have on mine barely flow at all through my rads and it wont reach over 45c while gaming
  3. also are you over clocked? what is your vcore voltage as well
  4. iv removed the h100 and installed the stock cooler it now maxes out at 60c under load. so it is the pump i have disabed everything on the cpu that i can and under clocked it and with the h100 it would still shut down because of heat but with the stock cooler i have it over clocked to 4.3 and it maxed out at 60c under load ( bf3, crysis 2, farcry 3)
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