hdd type no.[rtc battery dead]

notebook computer batteries both ran down. cmos setup info lost. i dont have the hdd type number, 1-46 + user defined 47&48. 486SX with phoenix bios, no hdd autodetect available. no help in manual. no contact yet with seller etc. should i try various type numbers or is that too risky?
no idea about even the hdd size to narrow down the choices.
please help, anybody. if the hdd is taken apart or whatever for servicing, would the info about cylinder&head sizes etc be printed somewhere? is any program available to autodetect the hdd if it were fitted as 2nd hdd to another computer?
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  1. <font color=blue>The CHS should be listed on the top of the drive usually, but without knowing the size of the drive it's hard to set the BIOS to the correct settings ...</font color=blue>
    <font color=green>Any utility that could be out there would have to have the drive being detected in the BIOS first before it's going to see anything. Other then that you'll need the model # and search around on the mfg's websites ...</font color=green>

    <font color=red><b>"Can you deal with that!"</b></font color=red>
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