I think i got a really good chip, should i push higher ?

got my new 3570k on a z77x-ud3h
My cooler is hyper 212 evo with push/pull corasir sp120.

I got my CPU at 4.5ghz on 1.25V
Under load in p95 my temps are 70-75 on all 4 cores.

Should i push the voltage higher and aim for 4.6-4.9ghz ?
Afaik IB cpu's are not good overclockers but 4.5ghz seems sick for IB

Discuss! :)
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  1. You may have a little room, but I'd check what the consensus max safe vcore on IB chips is first.
  2. personally, i will play safe to ensure system longetivity
  3. If you want to go any higher I would recommend other alternatives for cooling like water cooling, that 212 Evo just wont cut it.
  4. so basically i should just stick to staying at 4.5ghz ?
  5. is there any purpose for going higher? are you experiencing poor performance at 4.5? probably better to look at other things like gpu or ram to squeeze more performance from the system.
  6. i got a 7950 @ 1150 and 8gb 1333mhz ram.

    im playing bf3 at ultra preset and getting 60fps AT ALL TIMES, but when I start livestreaming it to twitch.tv at 720p 30fps then my fps drops to 50-60 in 64 player maps :/
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