Asetek 510c Crapped out on me, and I'm not that good with hardware.

Hello all,

As long as I've been working with computers, It shames me to say I am not very hardware proficient. I can do the normal hardware installation and troubleshooting, but other than that, I've never fully built a computer.

Today, my computer kept crashing on me, and after checking temps I found out that my CPU cores (i7 960) Have been idling at 65c, and jumping up to 95-100c on load.

I didn't know what to do, and in a semi-panic (I work on this computer, so needed something asap) I bought the following items:

I know this isn't the best of the best, but I am hoping it'll suffice until I can get something better.

So, getting to my point -

Since I've never actually installed a heatsink, let alone remove a water cooling system, am I in for a huge headache here?

I have no idea what to watch out for when I remove the liquid cooling system. Any potential spillage?

BTW, the Asetek 510 c that I have looks like this:

If anyone can help me with any pointers, or maybe even a small step-by-step guide, it would be soo much appreciated.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Ok, so one thing I've noticed is that when I tap on the cooling pipes, the cpu temp drops down fast and hard, but only for a few minutes or so.

    On idle I'm now getting about 50c before it jumps back up to 65-70.

    I am still getting that cooler master heatsink tomorrow though, so should I just go with that installation, or does anyone have any solutions that might fix the liquid cooler?

    Please remember that I have very little experience with either components.
  2. Desperate bump
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