Okay my gaming rig so far...

Hello everybody, I have a question to ask and that is what to do next to my gaming rig to make it even more powerful and better at what it's job is.

Okay so here are my current specs:

Motherboard: Sabretooth Z77
Processor: Intel I5 3570k 3.4ghz
GPU: Evga 680 SC
Processor Cooling: Stock
RAM: 16GB Vengance 1600mhz Ram
Hard Drives: 500gb Hdd and 256gb Samsung 830 ssd
Case: Areocool x predator green
Display Monitors: 3x Benq g2222hdl 22"

Okay so is there anything I should upgrade on; note that I don't want to upgrade my GPU and Proseccor, So guys what's it going to be?
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  1. that a wet dream of a build and your asking what needs upgrading?
    solid gold case?
    double glazed windows os?
    take your mrs out, your pc's *** hot
    if you dont have a mrs rent one with the dough youve just saved ;)
    be well
  2. I'd move away from stock cooling especially with a system like that, i'd probably grab something like a Corsair H100i and do some overclocking.

    And considering you said you do not want to upgrade your CPU or GPU then i see nothing else really. You could always get another SSD and put them in RAID 0 for some extra speed. But overall it's more then a decent system.
  3. as this is a gaming rig get rid of the stock cpu cooler and drop in an evo 212. the 30.00 for this heat sink will save your gaming rig from over heating when playing games.
  4. oh what. Stock cooling???? get yourself a Noctua NH-D14 and overclock that processor.
  5. i didnt see that bit whoops!
  6. If you have any interest in overclocking, get an inexpensive but decent (and quiet) 120mm cooler like a $20 Xigmatek Gaia.
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