I7 3770k thermal paste question

Hey guys I am looking to OC my cpu soon and I have heard that the thermal paste needs to be spread over the entire thing and I have also heard a pea sized drop in the middle is fine and the heat sink will spread it out. I put a pea sized drop in the middle and somewhat spread it around but definetly not covering the entire cpu. Is that okay? I want to OC safely and with cool temperatures. Very new to all this, and this was my first build so yeah..

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  1. Yes it is OK the main thing when overclocking is to monitor temps.
  2. Yeah, it should be fine.

    One trick I use is to just put a drop in the middle, then place the heatsink squarely on top of it. Next I twist it 90 degrees one way, twist 180 degrees the other way, and finally center it while maintaining contact to secure the heatsink to the mobo.
  3. Another trick is to put a pea drop in the middle, and spreading it with your index finger in a sandwich bag until it covers about all of it with an even application.
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