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Best psu for gtx650

I have an HP i5 750, with 8gb of ram, I have recently bought a gtx660 graphics card for it. I now need to upgrade my PSU, I am leaning towards a thrmaltake TR700, would this be ok?
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  1. Not thermaltake, this Antec is plenty for your rig Putting in the 660 calls for 400watt PSU.
  2. Well for a system with a single GTX 660 a quality 500 watts Power Supply is enough. Get a PSU from Seasonic, Corsair or XFX to mention some.

    Don't buy thermaltake Power Supply's they're not good and it could damage your system.
  3. Thanks rolli59, I just had a closer look at my card package, it is a gtx660 sli, I am not very good at this stuff, I'm learning as I go.
    Would a corsair GS700, do the job? I believe in getting something a little bigger than needed.
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    SLI stands for using two cards together, SLI on your package is only there because your card with another one can be put in SLI. The recommendation stands for a single GTX660.
    Corsair GS700 will do the job even after you add another card and overclock the hell out of your rig, with power to spare.
  5. Ok, so I'll go for the gs600 then?
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  7. Ingwe1978 said:
    Ok, so I'll go for the gs600 then?

    Yes 600 is good.
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