What Programs make use of a GPU?

I'm curious to know what other programs aside from games make us of a GPU?

I ask because i've noticed my EVGA GTX 570 going-up in temp around 51-53 degrees when i'm watching videos. is that normal? i'm still quite a "noob" when it comes to graphics cards so yeah its kinda silly to ask :na:

Of course when i'm absolutely doing nothing it does go back down to its idle temp of 42-44 degrees so i'm guessing videos or even maybe flash based games/programs make use of a GPU?

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  1. Everything on the screen is processed mostly by the GPU. If your GPU runs out of memory, it takes the workload to the CPU.
  2. So it is normal for the GPU to go up in temp when i'm watching videos? well videos via a player since it doesnt seem to go up when i'm watching in youtube lol.
  3. Its completely normal for it to heat, rev up, whatever it needs to access more power. It shouldn't go tremendously high though.
  4. yeah it doest go over 55 degrees and only around 59-68 when i'm playing games like skyrim or dota 2. But the card to heat/rev up doesn't indicate it lacks power does it? I am using a Cougar CMX 700w + a AVR with surge suppressor.

    But anyway thanks for that insightful bit of info its much appreciated :)
  5. It doesn't lack power, it was just getting more because the card is smart enough not to run at full blast 100% of the time, and it gets more since you are starting to do more GPU heavy things.
  6. I see, well then thanks again for explaining. i may be tad paranoid but i like to know things that happen with my PC hehe

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